CAD Audio AS32 Acousti-Shield 32 – Stand Mounted Acoustic Enclosure Review

The CAD Audio AS32 is the brand new professional-quality Acoustic Deflection Shield. This Acousti-Shield considerably minimize the room’s reflection and it allows the user to adjust the dryness of the sound by changing the panel’s distance to the mic. Also, preferred by numbers of recording studio,without any doubt, AS32 Acousti-Shield 32 improves the quality of the recording.


AS32 use a good condenser microphone and pop filter screen to get studio quality. Especially, for those people who cannot afford professional studio, AS32 Acousti-Shield 32 is definitely a best option on economic price to serve your requirements. On such a reliable and economic price, any professional musical work can be easily accomplished. You can use this item on a boom stand however you will have to position it so that the boom is straight up and down. Performance is guaranteed as stated with a professional look. So, you can rely on this Acousti Enclosure device.

The Acousti- Sshield 32 is mated to 53mm high density micro cell acoustic foam, resulting in a dry recording environment.The design allows you for optimum locating stability even when mated to an economy mic stand. Furthermore,the innovative microphone positioningflexibility of this device assista variety of microphone designs and allows for the creative control and a tailored acoustic result. You can deal on variety of options for the best output.

Also, The Acousti- Shield 32 is 16 gauge perforated high quality stainless steel and developed as a tool for the home recording professional. It is also an essential tool for enhanced performance and a vital accessory for the professional musician. Moreover, the portable design allows for easy studio placement and simplifies remote recording on any space you want. Completely designed to deliver exceptional audio reproduction with the legendary performance and durability you expect. It will not be mistake if you call it a sound proof vocal booth.

Ensure the trouble free performance to the hard-working performers, the Acousti- Shield 32 is an attractive and trusted tool among countless professionals.The recent introductions of the Stage Pass and GXL Wireless along with the acclaimed Sessions series of headphones has established new categories of excellence for CAD Audio.Also, the quality of everything on the CAD is great – solidly intact, sturdy,clean,easy to set up.

Your voice always get to the right place without any obstruction.Designed for you, designed for music, Acousti- Shield 32 delivers a perfect output.

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