Etekcity ETC-8750 Instant-read IR Infrared Temperature Gun Review

Are you looking for a way to measure temperature? A very simple way to measure temperature. Etekcity instant read IR temperature gun is the right device for you to make the accurate measurement of the temperature without any hassle. This Thermometer is engineered to high precision standards delivering the accurate readings from -58 to 1382°F (-50 to 750°C). With just a single press, the Infrared temperature Gun Thermometer does instant readings and gives you the measurement just within 1 second of time through the crisp clear LCD screen and the device automatically shuts down at 15 seconds when idle.


The Temperature mode is switchable to Celsius and Fahrenheit according to your need. There is also red laser pointer for precise aiming and this device has the ability to measure hazardous, inaccessible and moving objects. Besides, the readout display features a backlight which can be turned on if needed. Additionally, there is standard 9V DC battery on this IR Infrared Temperature Gun giving 14 hours of total battery life and there is an indicator in this device to notify the low battery signal in order to remove and change the battery.

Etekcity IR temperature gun is one of the best temperature guns out there, it checks the temperature of your lye or oil(s) that have been mixed, the surface of the Panini grill, temperature of the steam pan water, temperature of a liquid in a pot, and so on. Also, it can be used to check the temperature of the heating vents, around exterior doors to check for air leaks, and the areas around the fireplace. Everything is measured just finely. You can take it anywhere and use it instantly plus you don’t have to waste time waiting for the mercury to rise anymore.

In most of the cases, there needs a regular check-up of the temperature in every minute interval. So, it seems almost impossible to carry out such work depending on mercury thermometer because of its slow responsive nature. Also, it is inaccurate and the reading is easily affected by external temperature. In such scenario, Etekcity non-contact IR temperature gun is a complete modern technique and the best option.

Handy to use, and besides all these, Etekcity temperature gun is wonderfully applicable for the laboratory purpose as well.

Along with the Thermometer, the package includes a Padded, protective carrying case with belt loop along with the 9V DC battery and the user’s manual.

This is a good simple affordable unit that does the job of the expensive ones just fine and accurate.

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