Fissures in Ano: Fissures in Ano Treatment, diagnosis and more

Anal fissures or Fissures in Ano is a tear in the lining of the anal canal below the dentate line which causes pain during bowel movements. Fissures in ano are mainly idiopathic in nature and may lead to severe uneasiness and pain in the anal region. Tearing, cutting or burning sensation are very common in case of anal fissures and these generally happen at the time of defecation. To make things worse, one may also see red blood while defecating.

anal_fissureFissures in Ano causes

Majority of the Fissures in Ano are idiopathic with no underlying disease. Anal fissure may be caused due to a number of reasons such as passage of large stool, constipation, trying to pass stool during constipation, regular and repetitive onset of diarrhea, childbirth which may cause trauma in the anus etc. Fissures in Ano is by many believed to be the traumatisation of the anal mucosa due to the passage of hard stool. However, this isn’t the case for everyone suffering constipation. Statistics say that only 25% of the patients with Fissures in Ano report constipation and only aout 4% report diarrhea.

Anal fissures may also be caused due to rectal exam or in some cases, due to Chron’s disease. The extra tension in the two muscular rings or sphincters that control the anus may be the main cause of fissures. In humans, the outer anal sphincter is under voluntary control but the inner sphincter isn’t. Therefore, this muscle has to bear pressure or tension which when increased may cause spasm and may result in reduced blood flow to the anus and in turn may lead to anal fissure.

Fissures in Ano symptoms

Here are some common anal fissure symptoms that may help you easily identify it.

  1. Itching in the anal region is a common anal fissure symptom
  2. Bleeding is one of the common fissures in Ano symptoms. A small spot of red blood may be seen in the toilet bowl and the blood from the fissure easily separates out from the stool. If you have already acquired fissures in Ano, your stool may appear very dark with some traces of red blood mixed with it.
  3. Increased resting anal pressures caused by hypertonicity of the internal anal sphincter but what causes this is still quite unclear. Anal pressure also worsens the ischemic state of the sphincter and reduces anodermal blood flow.
  4. Severe anal pain during defecation with a burning or tearing sensation.

Best Fissures in Ano treatment with H-Fissures Formula

Fissures in Ano may be treated using various medications. One of the most popular Fissures in Ano treatment measure is the usage of essential natural oils that are made for treating such conditions. The H-Fissures is one of the most popular Fissures in Ano Treatment forumulae. It is gentle and very easy to apply and provides quick relief from the pain and discomfort caused due to the Anal fissures. The homeopathic ingredients in the H-Fissures Formula have been selected carefully so as to counter the symptoms of Fissures in Ano. It contains anti inflammatory and antibacterial constituents. It will help reduce swelling caused due to fissures in ano and in addition, the anlagecsic components in the formula help to alleviate the extreme pain that are accompanied with Anal fissures.

Anal Fissure oil usage

The H-Fissures formula is applied topically to the region where the symptoms are seen. You can use a cotton swab or your finger to apply H-Fissures formula directly to the region. This Fissure in Ano treatment oil is made to work instantly after the application. It is quite a concentrated formula so even a few drops of it would be enough.

However make sure that you consult your doctor if you are pregnant or want to use it on children less than 4 years of age.

Fissures in ano can cause a real pain but if the right procedures and healthy measures are followed, one can easily combat it. H-Fissures formula is undoubtedly one of the best Fissures in Ano treatment measures. You can learn more about H Fissures here.

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