Hostgator Discounts: Get upto 75% discount on your purchase of a hostgator account

Hostgator is one of the most popular hosting companies in the world. It is suitable for all kinds of businesses and all kinds of businesses big to small use it. Hostgator works great for individual use as well, .i.e. for those who want to host their own blog. Hostgator discount offers are quite common and the company announces these wonderful offers on special events so that people can grab a hosting plan at a very cheap price. Hostgator 50% discount offer, Hostgator 75% discount offer and Hostgator’s 80% discount offer have been seen many times in the past. Here is a list of all the hostgator discount offers so that you can know when to stay alert and grab these.

Hostgator 50% sale on Memorial Day

feature-image_memorial-dayHostgator 50% off sale went live on 21st May 2014 and continued until 26th May 2014. Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the USA. The Holiday is celebrated each year on the final Monday of May. Formerly known as the Decoration Day and originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who sacrified their lives in the war. The Hostgator Memorial Day weekend 50% sale also came with a discount on domains with domains.

Cinco de Mayo Hostgator 50% Off sale

2014_CincoDeMayo_Facebook_v01b-015Hostgator on 5th May 2014 offered a 50% off sale on all its hosting packages. Cinco Mayo is celebrated in the United States and Mexico specially in the state of Puebla. Originated with the Mexican/Amercian Communities, the Cinco de Mayo is a day that is celebrated in the United States as a Thank You to Mexico in helping them fend off would-be French support during the civil war for the Confederate states of America.

Hostgator Cinco De Mayo sale however wasn’t available to anyone who visited the website. One needed to use the special coupon code CINCO in order for them to get a discount.

Hostgator VPS 50% Discount: 50% off on VPS packages

VPSGators_v06b_lineup-01Hostgator offers these kinds of discounts when they perform a special upgrade to their hosting packages. Hostgator had offered a 50% discount on the VPS packages around April 28, 2014. With Hostgator’s 50% Discount on VPS, you would get the following for half the original price(only for initial orders of course):

CUPS up to 4×2.3 Ghz
RAM upto 8GB
HDD upto 240 GBM
Bandwidth up to 3000 GB

Hostgator’s 50% VPS discount offer was quite a bargain because its VPS is considered on of the best packages out there.

Hostgator 50% Red Cross Discount: 50% sale during American Red Cross Month

red-cross_r8_c1They offered this discount during the American Red Cross Month. Hostgator is also the sponsor of Tour Du Rouge. For each package purchased during this offer, hostgator would donate $1 to Red Cross. They had extended this offer as well by a day. Plus, $1 would be donated by Hostgator to Red Cross on each purchase of a hosting account.

The Hostgator 50% discount Red Cross offer also came with a domain purchase offer which allowed one to snag a domain for just $4.

45% Hostgator Discount on all packages: President’s Day Sale

pres-day_image-bannerThis offer started last time on 17th February 2014 at 12am CST and ran for 24 hours ending on 11:59am CST the other day. The Presdient’s day in the US is observed on the third Monday of February in honor of George Washington.

Hostgator 75% sale offer: Cyber Monday Hostgator Discount

Fwd__Sales_-_Promos[1]Cyber Monday is the Monday after the Thanksgiving in the US. The Hostgator Cyber Monday discount offer is one of the most generous discount offers by hostgator. You get a massive 75% discount on all packages. Not just the hosting, the offer also came with a heavy discount on the domains($1.95/year). As hostgator dubs it, its their biggest sale of the year.

The hostgator Cyber Monday Deal was last announced on 3rd December 2013. One cannot miss this offer as its one of the best discount offers in all of the hosting industry.

Hostgator Black Friday 75% discount

Fwd__Sales_-_Promos-2Black Friday is the Friday that comes after the Thanksgiving. On Black Friday, many companies offer huge discounts on their products and hostgator is no different. They offered a very generous 75% Hostgator Black Friday discount on this day. Also, the offer let you snag a domain name for just %1.95 a year, isn’t that crazy as hell?

Hostgator Halloween Sale 41% discount offer

png2They called it Hostgator Spooktacular Halloween and offered a whopping 41% discount on all new packages with the coupon code BOO. This as with all other offers, only applied to the initial invoice of new orders. On Halloween, many companies all over the US and around the world offer huge discount offers.

Hostgator Anniversary Sale: 50% discount with Domain names for $2.95

jpegHostgator 50% off hosting with domains for only $2.95 were offered during this time. This offer ran on 222nd October. The cheap domain offer allowed one to purchase upto 100 domain from a single account; thas quite a lot isn’t it?

The Hostgator 50% Anniversary sale also came with a “Win a MacBook Air” offer. One simply needed to recommend their family and friends, and fill up a form to be eligible for the prize.

Hostgator Domain Sale, $4.95 per domain

pngThis was the first Hostgator Domain deal and was announced on 15th August 2013. It allowed one to purchase any .com, .net or .org domain for just $4.95/year for upto 3 years.

Please note that all these discount offers are only valid at the time of announcements. This page was created so that you could keep tabs on when to stay alert to grab these deals.

How to know when a Hostgator sale/discount offer goes live

These hostgator 50% off deals are announced only at special events. You cannot just visit the website any day of the year and get a 50% discount on their packages. However, there are some neat ways that you can easily know when these hostgator Discount offers go live. Here are some ways:

  1. Go to Google Alerts and create a new alert for Hostgator Sale and set it to be delivered directly to your email. You can create a couple of Google Alerts with the following keywordsHostgator Sale, Hostgator Discount etc.
  2. For Hostgator Sale alerts, Subscribe to Hostgator’s newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter by visiting their blog
  3. Subscribe to their blog’s RSS feed to get hostgator’s discount updates. If you don’t want to subscribe to their email newsletter, then you can simply subscribe them through their RSS feed. You can find their RSS feed here by clicking on the RSS button at the top.
  4. Subscribe through Facebook. You can also stay tuned by following their updates through Facebook and Twitter where they announce these sale offers
  5. Subscribe to this ZIBEB’s facebook page to stay updated on these offers.
  6. For Hostgator discount alerts, subscribe to their twitter page.

These are some of the ways you can stay alerted and get updates whenever they announce discount and sale offers.

HOSTGATOR 25% and $10 Discount Coupon Codes

Although the above offers require one to buy their packages at specific times, there are coupon codes that enable you to purchase the hosting at 25% discount or $10 evergreen discount. Just visit their website and enter the codes mentioned below.

Hostgator 25% off discount offer coupon code:

Hostgator 25% discount offer can be grabbed at any time. You can simply head over to their website and enter the coupon code, ZIBEBGATOR to obtain the discount. Simply enter their website and enter the codoe

Hostgator $10 discount coupon code(WORKING AND VERIFIED)

Use the coupon code ZIBEB10OFF to get a $9.94 discount on all packages of hostgator.

Hostgator is undoubtedly one of the best hosting companies out there. There are many other hosting service providers that may come for cheaper than hostgator but they aren’t as feature rich as Hostgator is. Hostgator is secure, have one of the most awesome support teams out there and have very less downtimes. There is no reason why one should look any further than Hostgator to start a website. Even if you don’t get any special discount offers, you can snag a 25% discount any time using the coupon code ZIBEBGATOR, on their site at the time of signing up. So why wait, grab a Hostgator hosting account and start making money with your website today!!

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