iClever IC-F27 in Car Universal Wireless FM Transmitter with USB Car Charger Review

IC-F27 plays all of your portable audio devices, smartphones with 3.5 mm jack including iPhone 5/5s/4/4s/Samsung S3 S4, HTC One, Motorola Droid X, Nokia Lumia 520/900/1020, iPod, iPod Touch in your car stereo system. It Features high-contrast, easy-to-read display and easy to use button controls.Besides, as a bonus of added convenience, the IC-F27 comes with extra USB port to charge your device while driving also allows hands free phone conversation through the car by using state of art FM transmission. Plus, the long lasting Li-battery ensures long hours of listening pleasure


This unit allows you to make hands free phone calls and listen to music over your car stereo system. It entails easy installation and is universally compatible with any devices with 3.5mm jack, such as smart phones, tablet PCs, MP3 and MP4 players. Besides, as a bonus of added convenience, it comes with an extra USB port to juice up your device.Operates within the frequency range of 88.1 to 107.9MHz (0.1 MHz/step with the effective distance about200inch, you need not to carry audio jack since it can also work without audio jack in your car if your car can pick radio signals.

IC-F27 simply operates just in three counting steps. First, you need to plug the IC-F27 into cigarette lighter to power on the transmitter.Then, plug the audio jack into an audio player (e.g. a smart phone, MP3 player). Finally, tune the radio station to a non-broadcasting frequency and then set the IC-F27 to the same frequency. The best thing is, the full frequency range design of IC – F27 effectively avoids interruption. It is simple as counting and your work is done.

This iClever Universal Wireless FM Transmitter is the perfect solution to stream music wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled computer, smartphone, or tablet to any speaker systems, especially in your car.

If you are fed up with other devices full of unwanted problems then it’s time to replace with IC – F27, the genuine product comprising multiple features. Mostly preferred and the only device in the market in such a good price with perfect audio transmission function.

Plays your device clear as bell. If you are seeking for wireless adapter then IC-F27 is the amazing choice. Listening pleasure comes in wide range with iClever IC-F27.

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