Levana Baby Video Monitor Review

Long lasting, rechargeable lithium ion battery.Levana Baby video monitor will keep operating for over 8 hours with the video screen on and over 12 hours in PEEP (Power on/off Energy Efficient Picture) mode without any power fluctuations. Jena Baby monitor provides a private and interference-free signal allowing you to communicate with your baby more feasibly without any disturbance. And, the lithium battery used in Levana Baby video monitor is the most powerful battery currently available in a baby monitor.


The ClearVu technology enables you to view the baby and establish a two-way communication from up to the distance of 500ft away.Unlike some monitors that provide an analog signal which can be intercepted, this baby video monitor delivers a private, secure and interference-free signal. With this feature available, no one but you will ever be able to see or hear your baby. Whether you are with the baby or not, you won’t need to yell across your home to ask for help because of this feature.

The built-in night vision helps you to see the precise image of your baby even when the room is dark.As the room darkens, the system automatically adjusts to the level of light. Besides this,the monitor will suppress all sounds unless they exceed some minimal threshold. The camera can be located anywhere inside your child’s room while still displaying a precise image of your baby.So, you will hear if your baby speaks or cries, but otherwise the monitor will stay completely quiet. Likewise, there are some children who prefer little light in their room while asleep. So, the Nightlight function on the camera is one more handy little feature you can easily access from the parent unit whenever you need it.

Temperature monitoring, lullabies are some of the interesting features of the Jena Baby video monitor. You will get to know whether your baby is comfortable with the current room temperature or not. Your baby can enjoy a good sleeping time listening to the kids songs played via Levana with the touch of a single button.The monitor is expandable up to 4 cameras always observing and ensuring the safety of your baby.

Levana also has a few functions that our Summer Infant didn’t have (e.g. it can play kids songs and you can speak through it to your baby). Overall, there are surprisingly few baby video monitors in the $100-200 range which tends to work but in a compromising way.

If you are searching for the replacement of your current Baby video monitor or planning for the new one then Levana Baby video monitor works great.

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