Red 1 Seat 12V Hummer Style Jeep with Big Wheels & R/C Remote Review

Experience more exciting driving full of adventure with Red 1 Seat 12V Hummer Style Jeep. The appearance is designed perfectly to make it look like real Hummer with every parts functioning great along with the stimulating features to carry out adventurous ride.


One of the most imperative feature of 1 Seat 12V Hummer Style Jeep is that it will travel on most surfaces including asphalt, grass, and dirt’s. This R/C Remote Control Hummer Style Jeep is specially designed for the children of 2-4 years of age who love this kind of toy entailing such features full of fun. There is functioning Horns and IC sounds in this Jeep which is an addition to make this thing more living.

Advantage of gaining the real Hummer experience by 12V Hummer Style Jeep. The great thing almost every toy loving person loves in this device is that this jeep is beyond limitations than other toys of this kind. It is simply because, Hummer easily covers the tracks, obstacles, and adventures which other decorative toys failed to do.

This 12 volt, 1 seat ride on Hummer Toy R/C jeep is designed to give kids an authentic driving experience.12V Hummer Style Jeep consists of Foot Pedal Accelerator which enables your child or you to drive this Jeep with steering wheel/foot pedal or by using the remote.It comprises of twin motors,working front lights, adjustable seat belt, big all – terrain wheels and a parent remote control. Moreover, it can accelerate around 3-4 MPH and has function well on both forward and reverse mode. There is Plastic Tires with Rubber Traction Strips, which makes this Jeep look even bold. You can gear up even in the mud around your garden with this remote controlled Hummer Style Jeep, can swing in small collected waters, and also you can play this Jeep with your pet around your house. Joy never ends. In addition there is 2 Rechargeable 6V 10Ah Batteries to provide long enough power back-up required to make your children time countable.

Unlike, other fancy toys which gets stuck on small bumps and requires smooth surface to travel, Red 1 Seat 12V remote controlled Hummer Style Jeep is the best choice for your kids. It’s not just about getting rid of obstacles, it’s about entertainment and fun. You won’t be disappointed from this product rather you will be happy to get it. Cherish your fun, enjoy the ride with this 12V Hummer Style Jeep.

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