Samsung PN60F5500 Review

Samsung is the electronic giant on the globe and PN60F5500 is best known for its picture quality around the globe. Samsung PN60F5500 is a full HD series 5 smart LED, plasma 3D Television. With the 600Hz of refresh rate, this Television is best support for enjoying higher definition video games, action movies, and sports with perfect details. Moreover, the built-in wireless features allows PN60F5500 connect to the Internet and the SMART application of the TV interacts with streaming content and the web through its Smart TV and Voice control configuration.Samsung PN60F5500 can be connected to the web via embed Wi-Fi antenna or the Ethernet port present at the backside of the Television.


The Multiple HDMI and USB to enjoy the best digital input. There are 3 HDMI ports available which enables you to make a multiple connections on your Television including devices like- computer, camera, SMART phones and so on. Files can be easily shared between the devices, you can even make a good presentation on your school or in the office through Samsung PN60F5500.

Besides this, you can experience a perfect 3D experience with this Television. Samsung PN60F5500 entertains you with the real 3D picture unlike any other Television. You will not be just seeing the moving picture via this Television rather you will live it.Low power consumption and eco-friendly, Samsung smart plasma HDTV is equipped with a protection system safeguarding your television from high voltage and lightning.


The TV is incredible with great picture and 16×9 movies with black bars standout, making the black bars not noticeable. The frame on F5500 is thinner,with more real and living screen. The colors stand out even with ambient light cancelling out any reflections and the speakers works great with clear sound.

Samsung is a globally leading electronics brand providing the best product in the market and when it comes to PN60F5500 is unquestionably the signature product on Audio-Video section of this brand. More than a TV, it is a SMART TV allowing you to interact with it in the best way. Even your voice can control the TV. The SMART features are too fascinating that anybody would like to put this product on their living room. You will live every mega events such as sports, culture, and festival through this high-definition Samsung LED.
The weight is so handy that you can place this television in any location of your room without much effort.
Sublime picture quality along with appealing features, the viewer can enjoy the picture The Samsung PN60F5500 will be definitely your unparalleled choice.

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