SleepTight Mouth Piece review

Sleep Tight Mouthpiece is an up and coming anti snore mouthpiece that has been gaining popularity due to its effectiveness and ease of use. It claims to solve the problems that other general mouthpieces seem to have. It is meant for helping people treat snoring and sleep apnea.

Snoring generally starts at the back of the throat when the constricted airway causes vibration. Sleep Tight Mouth piece holds your lower jaw slightly forward during the sleep allowing the airway in your throat to stay open and keeping you from snoring.

Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Development story

stm-from-aboveDeveloped by Dr. Mike Williams, a US dentist who is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He himself suffered from snoring problems and underwent multiple surgeries to alleviate his snoring but none did seem to have a positive effect. That is when he started looking for alternatives to surgery. He collaborated with another mouthguard researcher and developer to find a snoring and OSA solution. Then they ultimately strated developing a mouthpiece which could easily help people get rid of their snoring problems and start sleeping cosily again. After collecting reviews from customers all over the world, they released their years of hard work as Sleeptight Mouthpiece.

Sleeptight Mouthpiece: What comes in the box?

Your purchase of Sleeptight mouthpiece comprises of one SleepTight Mouthpiece, one mouthpiece storage case, one airway fitting plug and a handbook with directions.

Is SleepTight Mouthpiece Legit? (Yes its FDA Cleared)

SleepTight Mouthpiece is as legit as it can be. It has been evaluated by the FDA for safety and effectiveness and has been cleared for snoring and sleep apnea treatment. Not just that, The American Acadmey of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) also recommends anti snore mouthpieces as effective tools to treat snoring and the fact has been corroborated by hundreds of other medical and scientific studies.

To be noted: FDA(Food and Drug Administration) has to be provided with extensive documentaition and support to assure them that a device is safe and effective. This process can take years and once all the data is provided, the FDA clears the device and allows it to be marketed.

How this anti snore mouthpiece works

This mouthpiece contains a large breather hole which is located at the frontal portion of the device allows you to breathe with your mouth while your are asleep. This is in stark contrast with Good Morning Snore solution Mouthpiece which requires you to breathe through your nose and works in a different way.

The Sleeptight Mouthpiece contains teeth ridges which can be used to align the mouthpiece during the fitting process.

Do not use Sleeptight Mouthpiece for curing Snoring If:

  1. You are suffering form asthma, central sleep apnea or other respiratory problems
  2. You have advanced periodontal disease, TMJ, or other dental problems
  3. You have full dentures. In case of that, you might need a special device to wear SleepTight Mouthpiece.

Also, if you have never worn a device like this before or any other anti snoring device, you might feel a little uncomfortable for a few days but will get used to it soon.

Sleeptight Mouthpiece for anti snoring and how its different than other similar products

Users of general anti snore mouthpieces have been saying for years that those mouthpieces tend to fall at night when they fall asleep, making the whole process quite useless. With SleepTight Mouthpiece, this problem has been addressed as it has been designed to fit correctly through custom molding to your teeth.

Another thing that makes it effective is that unlike general mouthpieces, Sleeptight Mouthpiece provides an adequate opening for air to pass freely and the wide opening in the front of the mouthpiece enables the tongue to move further forward. Therefore, your breathing process isn’t hampered and at the same time, the effectiveness of the device is maintained well.

Using Mouthpiece with CPAP

You can use Sleeptight Mouthpiece for clenching or with your CPAP as well. it can be used as a pregnancy snoring device, TMJ bite guard appliance, CPAP spare for use in remote locations or during the times when you’re traveling, as a night guard for clenching and grinding, for athletic process enhancement as a protection mouthguard and more.

How to test Sleeptight Mouthpiece and adjust it

If you are not feeling comfortable on the first try, you can always tweak the mouthpiece for desired results. Follow the initial instructions and move the jaw farther down toward the front as necessary to prevent soreness in the jaw. You can refit the mouthpiece for upto 4-5 times.

Another important tip for tweaking the SleepTight Mouthpiece is to position your tongue forward into the front of the mouthpiece. As your tongue is held forward to keep the airway open and reduce sleep apnea, you will notice a slight suction effect on your tongue.

To test if SleepTight Mouthpiece is working, just bite down and try making a snoring sound. If you are not able to make a snoring sound and you feel comfortable with the device in your mouth, you should be good to go.

How to fit SleepTight Mouthpiece

Fitting SleepTight Mouthpiece is quite easy.

  1. First boil the water and pour it into a cup and then let it cool for a bit. Don’t make the water too hot or the mouthpiece will get coarse.
  2. Now insert the fitting handle and keep the mouthpiece under water for three minutes to make the mouthpiece softer so that it fits your teeth. Now remove it and shake off the excess water.
  3. Straighten up the mouthpiece to a horseshoe shape if its folded. Make sure its in line with the V Shaped notch.
  4. Now place the mouthpiece in the lower teeth and center it properly. Use a mirror to make it easier.
  5. Bite hard and move your lower jaw aligning the edge of the lower teeth with the edge of the upper teeth.
  6. While holding the lower jaw, firmly press and mold the mouthpiece against all the teeth by using your fingers and tongue, while the material is still soft.
  7. Allow it to cool and then shrink fit by placing the mouthpiece in ice water. That’s it.

SleepTight Mouthpiece Coupon

Currently there are no official SleepTight Mouthpiece Coupons available and there are some scams going around where some sites claim to have coupon codes for SleepTight Mouthpiece. Once we get any update on official Coupons from the company, we will update that here. But really, $9.95 to get started with this awesome device is an awesome deal for which, you don’t really have to wait for a discount coupon.

Important things to note about SleepTight Antisnore Mouthpiece

  1. When you start to use the mouthpiece, your body may perceive it as a food item initially and may produce more saliva in some cases. This is common with any anti snore mouthpiece and it dissipates over time and the saliva production returns to normal
  2. The SleepTight Mouthpiece’s durability may depend on its use. Those who grind and clench their teeth a lot during sleep could require a new one in about six months to a year. For others, it could last for up to 2 years easily.
  3. You can refit this mouthpiece generally 4-5 times and
  4. If you have dentures, its best to consult your dentist first. For partial dentures it may work fine but for full dentures, it won’t.
  5. Cleaning the mouthpiece is quite easy. Its recommended that you use a soft toothbrush with liquid soap to remove food debris stuck in it. Tooth pastes can damage the mouthpiece tooo as they contain som abrasives. You can also use denture cleaner to clean it. Make sure to store it in a dried container.
  6. If you are having any oral health problems, better consult your dentist before using it.

Who should use SleepTight Mouthpiece and is it worth the hype?

If snoring is your major problem and if you are looking for a mouthpiece that won’t fall during the night, is easy to use, would allow you to breathe easily with your mouth and is easy to clean and maintain, then SleepTight Mouthpiece could be the best solution for you.

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